The Current

Christian Lindeneg

Sun Mar 06 2022

My friend Abdallah introduced Snarky Puppy to me last year and their music has consistently blown me away.

I've come to especially appreciate their album We Like It Here, where one particular tune rightfully has claimed a lot of praise.

It's one of the nastiest grooves I've ever heard and what a marvelous solo by Cory Henry (the keyboardist). He is incredibly sound technically but what really blows me away is what's coming out of his brain and his heart and the ability to share such wonders with the rest of us. It's unbelievable.

The drummer Larnell Lewis is also playing with great feel, technique and intelligence. Even more impressive, he was a last-minute stand-in and had to learn the whole album on a flight from Canada to Netherlands. Needless to say, he absolutely nailed it.

Speaking of Larnell, it's worth listening to this tune from Ghost Note, a band I've had the pleasure of listening to live. On this tune Larnell takes on the drums instead of their usual drummer Robert "Sput" Searight.

A quite simple tune but so funky. All of them are great and Larnell's solo is just cherry on the top.

Thank you Abdallah for introducing me to such wonderful musicians.